Man on Wire (2008)

As a documentary, Man on Wire instilled within me a sense of awe and wonder the made me more invested in its story than i have been with some blockbusters lately.
The film by James Marsh depicts the story of Philippe Petit, a all-around circus person and a bit of a loony, while he plans his icon tightrope walk across the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center.
The cat-burglar-esque story is very much like a heist movie, and it’s incredible to see the depth to which they planned it, and the iron wills required to pull it off. It instilled a great sense of wonder within me to see what is possible if people dream, and are willing to sacrifice everything. In the documentary, Philippe states that they fully expected to be at least arrested, he was even prepared to die. This determination and grit from him and his friends in pulling off the magical stunt truly had me baffled. Even though I don’t believe it was a documentary with an agenda, it definitely left a message within me. It reminded me of the power that people have over their destinies. It showed me that there are no boundaries to your dreams that you can’t overcome if you decide to. And it also reminded me of the price to pay if you follow your dreams to the limit…

"Man on Wire" Poster